Meet the team Behind


Sly is a veteran at training athletes both physically and mentally. He has and continues to work with Pro Athletes, Olympic level and those aspiring to achieve greatness.
Armed with a Sports Psychology Degree and a unique level of creativity, Sly’s training will shift you to new heights of performance.


Head Trainer and Performance Psychologist

Peter brings with him not only intensity in his workouts but an environment where you can be educated in effective training. Peter believes that anything can be done with the right help!

Peter Kheller

CPT, Trainer/Friend

Shamar brings with him a vast amount of knowledge and understanding of how the body moves. Shamar excels at pushing his clients to become the greater version of them self. Training with Shamar will not only change you physically but mentally so you can see beyond your limit


Athletic Specialist Trainer|Motivator|Mentor

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Jane Doe

Head of Sales , Intel

A lifelong competitor, Danai brings enthusiasm and passion to each and every training session. 
His holistic approach to preparing athletes both mentally and physically sets them up for achieving their goals, no matter how big or small. 

Danai Sisouphanh